Our Beautiful

Bespoke intimate portraits of your much loved animal, whether furry, feathered, scaly or cloven. Original artwork capturing your beautiful beast.

Moillie an Tom

Mollie and Tim


A blizzard of tiny paper snips covering my studio to create a doggy portrait. I sometimes don’t understand how I can make such an incredible mess and it’s strange how one relatively small image seems to absorb all that paper…. curious!

You have really captured her and the look in her eyes it’s brilliant Hannah. Love how textured it is too. I didn’t realise how much you built the portrait up – really suits the way she looks. xx

Richard | London





Disco and Ross


To commision a portrait of your beautiful beast please get in touch by phone or email.

M: 07773022391

E: dyson_hannah@hotmail.com

Prices start from £150